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Hi all, I'm Dominic. I am a soul cultivator therefore I am spiritual but not religious. Soul Cultivation is a practice to balanced and alight oneself with its soul. Due to my past affinity I had several Ascended Masters guiding my spiritual path towards many different ways.

I am especially close to the Naga(Dragon) and had since made several Naga Offering Event. I had also hosted a number of events and classes.

I uses Chinese Chess for my Oracle with the aid of several Ascended Masters. I am trained in Usui Reiki Master/Teacher. And I have since conducted Reiki sharing and classes with a group of level 1, 2 practitioners and masters. As a Certified Law of Attraction Advanced Practitioner I uses it in my daily life and share my knowledge with people I meet. Numerology is 1 thing in life I use also daily for personal or for my customers.


I am lucky to have someone left behind a group of hardworking fairies which I could use to help me in my spiritual work. I am also the only Tara Seichim Master in Singapore till date(2019). Learning was my daily goal and recently I was also given 8 jewels of the Guan Yin Lavender Flame and I am now the Jewel Master for these 8 sacred jewels. So do stay tuned for more courses and event.

I teaches many things but most important lesson I teach is to BE HAPPY…

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