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Awakening is formed with the intention to "唤醒众生初心现​​,点燃慈爱于一生".


We are devoted to 唤醒(awaken) one's inert capabilities to enable everyone to realise and experience the gifts that we all posses since the day we were born.


Our mission is to 点燃 (ignite) and spread the wonders of the universal love and energy of Reiki with the limited time we have here as a person.

What gives us so much conviction in Reiki?

1. One will learn the art of self-healing, which amplifies the body’s natural ability to heal itself. 

2. One will gain an amazing gift to share with his/her loved ones, animals, plants and the earth.

3. Reiki will help one increases Self-Love & Confidence.

4. One will become more grounded and balanced.

5. Reiki decreases Anxiety & Worry while it enhances Inner Peace and Calm

6. One will have stronger intuition & trust for self and the universe

Accessible . Hassle-Free. Versatile
  • Accessible - Reiki can be learned and practiced by anyone of any age. It can also be used even for children, babies, animals and plants.

  • Hassle-Free - Everyone can easily learn how to ultilise Reiki to heal themselves anytime, anywhere..

  • Versatile - Because of its non-religious origins, Reiki can be used alongside with other treatments, medicines or healing modalities (With Guidance)

The methodologies associated with Reiki are simple and easy to learn. Both small children and adults can equally comprehend and incorporate Reiki into their lives. The key lies in practice, as regular contact with Reiki will align and balance the chakra system of the recipients.


Reiki also balances the mind body and spirit and it can also help to enhance ones immunity system to prevent future sickness and illness

There is in fact no boundaries to the wonders of what Reiki can do for a person. Listed above are just sneak peaks of what Reiki can help one achieve. One ought to experience it firsthand to comprehend the works of the Universal Energy.

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